Distillation ExtractionEquipment

Distillation extraction equipment mainly includes molecular distillation equipment, short-distance distillation equipment, rotary evaporator, closed-loop extraction equipment, etc.

Reactor Equipment

The reactor equipment mainly includes glass reactor, stainless steel reactor, microwave chemical reactor, ultrasonic reactor, etc.


We produce and sell various laboratory instruments such as extractive distillation equipment, reactor equipment, drying equipment, temperature control equipment, separation equipment, etc.

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We supply a series of laboratory equipment with high quality and reasonable price. We can offer you laboratory instrument solution.

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KD machinery equipment co., LTD is a high-tech laboratory equipment company, the main production and sales of glass reaction kettle, rotary evaporation equipment, constant temperature magnetic stirrer, the circulating water type multipurpose vacuum pump, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, drying oven, water oil bath pot, freeze dryer, intelligent constant temperature electric heating cover, glass apparatus airflow drying apparatus, high temperature circulating oil bath, high pressure reaction kettle, microwave chemical reactor, and peripheral equipments, etc.The product structure is novel and convenient to use, and it is an ideal equipment for experiment and production of modern chemistry, fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy, new material synthesis and so on.
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