DHG-9030A blast drying oven

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DHG-9030A blast drying oven product introduction:

The DHG-9030A electric blast drying oven is a drying oven that has been researched by our technical team for many years and has excellent uniformity. This equipment is suitable for various products or materials, such as electrical, instrumentation, instrumentation, components, electronics, electrical and automotive, aviation, communications, plastics, machinery, chemicals, food, hardware tools, drying under constant temperature conditions and various Constant temperature adaptability test.

DHG-9030A blast drying oven product details
DHG-9030A blast drying oven product details
DHG-9030A blast drying oven product details

DHG-9030A blast drying oven Features:

1) The equipment consists of a chamber body, a heating system, an electrical control system, a supply air system, and a protection system.
2) The cabinet is made of standard equipment, the industry standard manufacturing process, smooth lines and beautiful appearance.
3) The material of the studio is made of stainless steel, the outer box is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the outer shell of the product is sprayed with environmentally friendly metal paint. The overall design is beautiful and elegant, suitable for the color matching of high-end laboratory.
4) Workroom shelves are not adjustable.
5) The insulation material between the studio and the outer box is high-quality super-fine glass fiber insulation cotton, the thickness of the insulation layer: >70mm, good insulation effect,high-performance insulation structure. From the inside to the outside, there are inner cavity, inner shell, ultra-fine glass fiber, aluminum reflective aluminum foil, air interlayer, and less heat loss in the inner tank. The outer casing and the door liner have a unique structure, which greatly reduces the heat transfer of the inner cavity.
6) High-performance sealing material and unique rubber sealing structure are adopted between the door and the door frame, which has good sealing, high temperature resistance and aging resistance.
7) The air duct in the box is composed of a double circulation system, a stainless steel multi-wing centrifugal wind wheel and a circulating air duct. The electric heater heat placed on the back of the box is discharged forward through the side air passage, and then passed through the dry material. The centrifugal wind wheel is sucked in to form a reasonable air passage, which can fully convect the hot air and make the temperature M in the box reach a uniform degree. Increased air flow heating capacity, greatly improving the temperature uniformity of the drying oven.
8) The heater is made of stainless steel electric heating tube, which has fast heating and long life.
DHG-9030A blast drying oven temperature measurement and control system:
DHG-9030A blast drying oven electrical control system
The digital display temperature controller adopts comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility design and user-friendly menu design, which makes the operation of the device completely foolproof and has good temperature control effect. Dual-screen high-brightness digital display, clear and intuitive indication. Microcomputer intelligent control, after setting the temperature, the meter controls the heating power by itself, and displays the heating state, and the temperature control is accurate and stable.Over temperature alarm and automatically cut off the heating power. The clean oven has a timing function with a timed up to 9999 minutes. It has parameter memory protected by power failure and data loss of crash status, and call recovery function.
DHG-9030A blast drying oven electrical control system:
1) Electrical control components are all well-known brands in China
2) The circuit design is novel, reasonable wiring, safe and reliable
3) The top of the box is an electric control cabinet, which is convenient for centralized inspection and maintenance.
DHG-9030A blast drying oven safety protection system:
1) Over temperature alarm
2) Under phase loss protection
3) Overcurrent protection
4) Fast fuse
5) Grounding protection
DHG-9030A blast drying oven optional accessories:
1) Programmable liquid crystal controller, which can realize adjustable heating rate and adjustable holding time.
2) Independent temperature limit controller, which can cut off the heating immediately after the main controller fails and the temperature rises too high.
3) Paperless recorder, which can display monochrome curve, bar graph, number, mix, recall, alarm, etc. for device temperature, display, store, print, manage, analyze, USB interface, recording interval: 1 second ---1 points, storage space: long records can be more than half a year. As a replacement for ordinary paper recorders.
4) With RS-485 interface, it can be connected to computer and recorder to realize real-time monitoring work status.
5) Temperature test hole, can realize different test lines or instruments inserted into the equipment working room for various tests. The test hole diameter is φ25, φ50, φ80.
6) Carrier bracket, the standard configuration of the equipment is 2 carrier brackets, customers can add the number of brackets according to specific requirements.

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DHG-9030A blast drying oven product parameters

Q:What should you pay attention to when using an electric blast drying oven?

A:Electrothermal blast drying oven is a kind of equipment used for sample drying. It can also provide the temperature environment required for experiments. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, foundry, food, machinery and other fields. What should I pay attention to when using the electric blast drying oven? The following small series will introduce the key points of the electric blast drying oven, hope to help everyone.
Main points of use of electric blast drying oven
1. After connecting the power supply, you can turn on the 2 sets of heating switches, first turn on the blower switch to make the blower work, and then set the temperature of the control instrument to the temperature you need.
2. When the temperature rises to the desired temperature, the indicator light is off. At the beginning of the constant temperature, the temperature may continue to rise. This is the effect of residual heat, which will tend to stabilize in about half an hour. In the constant temperature process, the temperature control is automatically controlled by the thermostat in the box without manual management.
3. When the temperature is constant, a set of heating switches can be turned off, leaving only one set of electric heaters to work, so as to avoid excessive power and affect the sensitivity of the constant temperature.
4. The box should be placed indoors.
5. A metal knife switch should be installed in the power supply line for the purpose of this box and ground the case.
6. Please check the electrical performance of the box before powering on, and pay attention to whether there is open circuit or leakage.
7. When everything is ready, put in the sample, close the door and unscrew the top exhaust valve. At this point, you can connect the power supply and start working.
8. Do not arbitrarily remove the side door, disturb or change the line. Only when the box fails, the side door can be removed and checked one by one. If there is a major fault, you can contact the factory.
9. This box is a non-explosion-proof drying box, so it has flammable volatiles. Do not put it in the dry box to avoid explosion.
10. Each drying oven is provided with two specimen shelves. The average load per shelf is 15 kg. Do not over-tighten and overload the test specimens to avoid affecting hot air convection. At the same time, the test piece should not be placed on the heat sink at the bottom of the studio to prevent overheating and damage the sample.