D-R-1050 rotary evaporator

The D-R-1050 rotary evaporator supplied by the manufacturer of 10l rotary vacuum evaporator is equipped with diaphragm vacuum pump and circulating water vacuum pump, double-layer high efficiency condenser tube and large cooling area.

  • Place of Origin:, Henan
  • Custom processing:Yes
  • Brand:ZZKD

D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Features

●Large-capacity, large-diameter, rotating area with a large rotating area, placed in a water bath, heated while rotating, equipped with a pressure reducing device to effectively evaporate the solvent. It can be used in biology, medicine, chemistry, food and other fields. It is equipped with a diaphragm vacuum pump and a circulating water vacuum pump.
●Bath automatic lifting device, multi-ribbed belt drive with small vibration, stable lifting, simple structure, low noise and easy operation.
● Double-layer high-efficiency condensing tube, large cooling area and strong evaporation capacity, ensuring efficient recovery from a small amount to a large number of samples, preventing the evaporation condenser from flowing backwards, and the condenser position can be adjusted.
●Professional sealing system design, high-elastic PTFE material sealing ring, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durability and other characteristics, reducing the frequency of frequent replacement of seals by laboratory operators, more than double the service life of traditional manufacturers.
● With automatic switching valve, continuous collection without affecting the system negative pressure index and solvent distillation.
● Teflon discharge valve can easily release the materials received in the recycling bottle, corrosion-resistant and pollution-free.
●The large rotary evaporator bracket is equipped as standard, and the diaphragm pump can be placed at the bottom of the bracket to save space in the laboratory. Bracket With the anchor bolt casters, the equipment can be fixed to the ground during operation, so that the experimental process is stable and reliable without accidents.
D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Detail

D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Control System
D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Control System
● LCD display, multi-group data one-screen display, menu-style operation interface, knob-type setting, easy to understand, easy to observe and operate, PID controller, speed, temperature, time setting is simple and fast.
●Water bath / oil bath double heating mode, with anti-dry and power off function, the pot body is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant material to prevent accidents. (standard water bath).
●Automatic control, optional vacuum controller, control the vacuum degree of the sample to realize the automation of solvent separation.
D-R-1050 security function:

● Protection for the user: The shell and the inner tank are designed with special heat insulation structure, so that the surface temperature of the pot shell is low, so as to avoid accidental burns in the use of laboratory personnel to prevent accidents.
● Protection of the sample: 1. The inner layer of the bath is made of Teflon coating, which can withstand high and low temperature, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, avoiding cross-contamination during the experiment. 2. Double-layer high-efficiency condenser to prevent backflow design of the evaporative condenser.
● Protection of equipment:1.The design of the safety level of the water bath is anti-dry and power-off. The pot body is made of high temperature resistant flame retardant material to prevent accidents.2.There is an independent temperature limit alarm system in the pot. When the temperature limit is exceeded, the work will be stopped automatically to ensure safe operation without accident.
● Protection of key parts: Critical electrical components are equipped with over-current, over-temperature, overload and other safety protection to prevent accidents.
● Provide fault information: When the equipment fails, the fault message will appear on the display to ensure that the fault information is clear at a glance.


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The R/RE Series Rotary Evaporator uses stepless speed regulation to rotate the glass rotating bottle at a constant speed. The material forms a large area of ​​uniform film on the wall of the bottle, and then the rotating bottle is uniformly heated by a smart constant temperature water bath and evaporates at high speed under vacuum. The vapor is cooled by a high efficiency glass condenser and then recycled to the collection bottle. The R series is our new rotary evaporator with 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L, 100L models, and can produce explosion-proof rotary evaporator according to customer requirements.
D-R-1050 Rotary Evaporator Product Specifications

Q:What is the working principle of the rotary evaporator?

A:Under negative pressure conditions, the evaporation bottle is rotated in a constant temperature water bath, and the solution forms a film on the bottle wall to increase the evaporation area. Efficient evaporation at low temperature, condensation recovery, concentration and separation of materials.

Q:What is the core technology of the rotary evaporator?

A:It is the airtightness of the system, that is, whether the system can maintain a high vacuum under the action of various solvents. Rotary evaporator, sealed with rubber PTFE composite material and glass, can withstand various solvents, has a durable and reliable air tightness, and can maintain a high vacuum of -0.096MPa or more.